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Johann Kepler, Harmonices mundi (Linz, 1619)

In this work, Kepler integrated theoretical astronomy and music, showing that the motions of the planets employ the same numerical ratios as the most harmonious musical scales. Kepler’s “harmonic law” still describes how planets and stars and satellites and galaxies … Continue reading

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Galileo Church

Watch at Vimeo | Download slides/script PDF This coming Wednesday, May 3, 2023, I’m looking forward to speaking at McFarlin Methodist Church here in Norman on Galileo and the Roman Church. This post is a landing page for resources related … Continue reading

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Starstruck Tonight

Starstruck Tonight, draft version (1 hr, 5 mins) Thursday night, April 27, at 6pm, Candace and I presented a virtual program for the Pioneer Library network. Here’s the event page. My thanks to Pioneer Library and Librarian Catherine Wahpeconiah for … Continue reading

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Love books! – with wisdom

Around 2000 B.C. an Egyptian priest counseled his son: “Behold, nothing surpasses books. Would that I might make you love books more than your mother. Would that I might make their beauty enter before your face, for it is greater … Continue reading

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Hoot the Owl

A children’s book, The Story of How the Constellation ‘Hoot the Owl’ Began, was written and Illustrated by Anna Todd (2017), a 2nd grade student at Rose Witcher Elementary School, El Reno Public Schools, located in El Reno, Oklahoma. The … Continue reading

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Hoot the Owl – back story

1/25/2018 We believe that educational outreach is at the center of our exhibitions, so nothing could have excited us more than a letter we received last November when Stacey Stevenson told us the story of “Hoot the Owl.” A children’s … Continue reading

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Outline: Historic Star Atlas Stories

3/28/2018 Video • Slides (PDF, 160MB) • Image Thomas Carlyle spoke for all of us when he lamented… “Why did not somebody teach me the constellations, and make me at home in the starry heavens, which are always overhead, and which … Continue reading

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Interview with Marilyn B. Ogilvie

5/5/2018 Marilyn Ogilvie (portrait by Mike Wimmer) Interview:  Marilyn B. Ogilvie, 2nd Curator of the OU History of Science Collections Location:  Marilyn B. Ogilvie Exploration Room Date:  January 26, 2017; prior to the public unveiling of Marilyn’s portrait in the … Continue reading

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Collaboration Strategies for Educators, Libraries and Museums

1/10/2019 | Download slides (PDF, 25 MB) | On October 13, Brent Purkaple and Kerry Magruder presented a talk articulating our efforts with Lynx Open Ed to the annual meeting of the Southwest Association for Science Teacher Education (SW-ASTE).  The meeting … Continue reading

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Last chance to see amazing rare books in art and astronomy

2019 The current “Art and Astronomy” exhibit will close at 5 p.m. on Valentine’s Day. Examples of treasures on display now, but going off exhibit, include:  Four OU copies of Galileo first editions contain his own handwriting. They include Galileo’s Starry … Continue reading

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