Basic Celestial PhenomenaDiurnal Motion

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  • What is Diurnal Motion?
  • How did the ancient Egyptians use coffin-lid decans as star clocks?
  • Polaris: Star of the Pole
  • What is Circumpolar Motion?
  • A star chart for any time of night: How to use a Planisphere
  • Make a Star Clock and tell time by the Big Dipper!
  • What is Local Time?
  • What is the International Date Line?
    • Around the World in 80 days.
    • Around the World in 8, 9, or 10 days.
    • The Island of the Day Before.
  • What is Universal Time (UT)?
  • A late night at the office: Marking Time with Matins in a medieval monastery.
  • Diurnal Skywatch

Kerry Magruder