Collaboration Strategies for Educators, Libraries and Museums


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On October 13, Brent Purkaple and Kerry Magruder presented a talk articulating our efforts with Lynx Open Ed to the annual meeting of the Southwest Association for Science Teacher Education (SW-ASTE).  The meeting was hosted here at OU, by the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, University of Oklahoma. The day before, we were privileged to host an open-house in our Exhibit Hall for early arrivers to the conference.  On Saturday the 13th, Brent and I were privileged to participate in the entire day of conference activities, and we enjoyed many constructive interactions with educators.

Title: Collaboration Strategies for Educators, Libraries and Museums

Abstract: “Museums and libraries value public engagement and outreach as vital, in the very core of their mission. This was the case for the Galileo’s World exhibition of the University of Oklahoma Libraries, which launched in 2015.  In this presentation, we will review various strategies adopted in our attempts to ‘collaborate with educators in exhibit-based learning’ (as our motto expresses it).  We will relay what we have learned and pose some questions about how best to move forward given the challenges identified.”

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