Guidelines for Mineral and Rock Collections

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  • "He who with pocket-hammer smites the edge
    Of luckless rock or prominent stone, disguised
    In weather-stains or crusted o'er by Nature.
    The substance classes by some barbarous name,
    And thinks himself enriched,
    Wealthier, and doubtless wiser than before."
    William Wordsworth, The Excursion

Store specimens separately

Keep specimens separated, to protect them from wear and tear by harder companions.


Keep specimens clean

Dust hides their appearance.


Label specimens


Describe specimens

On a computer or in a notebook file, complete a catalog entry for each specimen by filling out the appropriate template:


Notes and explanations for mineral descriptions

Refer to appropriate chapters of Chernicoff for definitions and explanations of terms occurring in the templates. Points not considered by Chernicoff are described below: