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Course Information and Description

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Kerry Magruder
GNSC 320
Earth Sciences
Wood Science, Rm. 202 (cubicle in northwest corner)
Wood Science Rm. 108
8 and 9 a.m.
Office Phone:
Planetarium phone:
Room 214: Lab days
Room 108: Class days
Office Hours:
Mon & Wed, 11-noon
and before or after class, by chance or by appointment.
Planetarium Home Page
Home phone:
273-3989 (before 10 pm)
Virtual Office Hours by email, anytime!
The Mars Show:
Friday evenings, 8 pm

Course Description

GNSC 320 "Earth Sciences" is a junior level liberal arts course in which students explore the phenomena associated with rocks, minerals, fossils, and the Earth's present stratigraphical characteristics, and examine the inferences that can be made from these about the Earth's past. Meteorological phenomena, including weather patterns, storms and clouds, and optical phenomena of the atmosphere are surveyed. The Earth is placed in a planetary science context with an overview of the features of the solar system. Emphasis throughout this liberal arts course is given to foundations of knowledge and methods of reasoning in the geosciences.

General Course Topics

See the Course schedule for details.

Required Readings and Supplies

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Required Texts

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Course Requirements

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Grading Summary

  1. Completion of all requirements is necessary for a passing grade. Grades will be calculated on a percentage basis (no curve), as follows:

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