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History of Science Course Syllabus - Flat Earth woodcut

History of Science Online

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LibraryThing: OU History of Science Collections HSCI 3013 - section 995 - Spring 2014

Top 10 things you should know about this course!

  1. Is this is a course in history or in science? Or something else?

  2. Do you expect this course to be like a correspondence course, or do you expect to work on it at least several different days every week?

  3. Do you enjoy learning new things, or do you feel more comfortable when you already know a lot about the subject?

  4. Do you like to work in bursts, or slow and steady? 

  5. In a new class, do you get off to a quick start, or does your energy build in a gradual crescendo over the course of a semester?

  6. Do you like to express yourself in writing?

  7. Do you appreciate courteous, constructive feedback, or do you get uptight when someone offers you suggestions?

  8. Do you learn well by reading, or do you learn best by listening to something being explained aloud?

  9. Do you want to learn how to publish a website of your own?

  10. Do you have reliable Internet access and a secure, virus-free, stable computer?

  11. Do you find it easy to follow a long list of written directions, in order, without losing track?

Okay, this should have been a "Top 11" list. But which one should I delete?


"Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler." Albert Einstein

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HSCI 3013. History of Science to 17th centuryCreative Commons license
Kerry Magruder, Instructor, 2004
Brent Purkaple, TA

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Many thanks to the pedagogical model developed in Mythology and Folklore and other online courses by Laura Gibbs, which have been an inspiration for this course.

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