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Constellation Station
A game for 1 to 4 players (more if you play in teams), great for rainy-night parties or to help families become familiar with the names and features of the 88 constellations. Multi-skill levels enable knowledgeable and novice players, or parents and children of different ages, to play together with equal chances of winning. A NOVA science game manufactured by Aristoplay.


A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets
Menzel, Donald H. and Jay M. Pasachoff. Peterson Field Guide Series. Houghton Mifflin, latest version. Highly recommended: This guide, plus Chet Raymo's book, a planisphere and a few nights each month outdoors, are all you need to become familiar with the nighttime sky.


If you are using the above resources to become familiar with the night sky and want more on a regular basis, consider subscribing to StarDate (recommended for beginners or families) or Sky and Telescope (recommended for serious amateurs). Other magazines include Astronomy and Mercury (published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific).


Looking for a Telescope?
It would be wise not even to begin to think about buying a telescope until you have become familiar with the stars, perhaps through investing in Raymo's book, a planisphere, a field guide, or one or more of the subscriptions mentioned above. If you think you are ready, then ask about our skywatching seminars, and by all means read The Light-Hearted Astronomer, by Ken Fulton, available from Astronomics in Norman, 2401 Tee Circle, or 1-800-364-0858.


The Ultimate
Eventually every serious amateur astronomer needs their own copy of Burnham's Celestial Handbook. This three-volume labor of love is like Raymo's book cubed: an indispensable treasure-trove of constellation lore, star types and positions, and helpful descriptions of every kind. It is durably bound by Dover Press, and available in hardback or paperback from Astronomics in Norman, 2401 Tee Circle, or 1-800-364-0858.
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