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The Mars Show

Patrick StewartDrama in Three Acts: The Red Planet in myth, history, and modern exploration.

Narrated by Patrick Stewart.

Discover Mars in this dramatic show for adults and older children.

Produced by Loch Ness Productions, The Mars Show features a professional soundtrack and numerous multi-media effects adapted to the OBU Planetarium's unique theater environment.

Act 1, Mars in the Mind's Eye
Explores the role of Mars in history and culture from ancient mythology to modern Martians, including Lowell's canals, H. G. Wells, Orson Welles, and wars of worlds. Symbolized by the first or left disk in the logo, the shield of Mars, Greek god of war.
Act 2, Mars in Focus
Mars as we know it today as seen in the night sky, through binoculars and telescopes, or by unmanned spacecraft. Its planetary features are compared with Earth's. Symbolized by the middle drawing in the logo.
Act 3, Mars in the Future
Focuses on current and proposed missions by the United States and Russia, including ongoing Hubble Space Telescope observations, and plans for manned Mars missions.  Symbolized by the right drawing in the logo (note the orbiting spacecraft).

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