Starstruck Tonight

 [Galaxy conception of Wright31.jpg]

Early conception of galaxies shown in Starstruck Tonight.
Thomas Wright, A New Theory of the Universe (1750), Plate 31.
Photograph courtesy of the History of Science Collections
of the University of Oklahoma.

Starstruck Tonight

What's so special about tonight's sky? Produced by OBU students and designed for liberal arts students, this show offers a tour of the spring and summer skies featuring the visible constellations, selected astronomical themes, and literary and mythological skylore. Starstruck Tonight features the planetarium's starfield more than multi-media effects, and is appropriate for anyone with an amateur interest in becoming familiar with the universe as it appears in our night sky. Watch this show often; there's enough content to reward repeated attention, and it varies throughout the year.

The autumn-winter version of Starstruck Tonight lasts about 30 minutes and is now shown by special arrangement only. With Starstruck Tonight there is a live discussion of the sky that night, including the location of visible planets.

Constellations toured

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