Starstruck Tonight

Starstruck Tonight, draft version (1 hr, 5 mins)

Thursday night, April 27, at 6pm, Candace and I presented a virtual program for the Pioneer Library network. Here’s the event page. My thanks to Pioneer Library and Librarian Catherine Wahpeconiah for inviting us and for all the effort in hosting the event as part of spring series on astronomy.

The official title I turned in, back when it was arranged, was “Constellations: Merging Art and Science.” While creating it, I added “Starstruck Tonight” to the title, because I drew upon some scripts I used for two planetarium shows back in the 1990’s. The presentation feels to me like a fusion between a planetarium show and a tour of the History of Science Collections.

On the Vimeo page for the draft video, the caption has links to jump to any section.

  1. Intro, 0:00:00 (3:35 mins)
  2. 6 Constellations: 3:35 (9:08 mins)
  3. Circumpolar stars: 12:43 (7:15 mins)
  4. Winter Hexagon: 19:58 (7:42 mins)
  5. Summer Triangle: 27:40 (5:08 mins)
  6. Zodiac: 32:48 (6:40 mins)
  7. Star Atlases: 39:28 (18:44 mins)
  8. Two Stories: 58:12 (5:22 mins)
  9. Afterword: 1:03:34 (2:10 mins)

I’ll post a link here when the improved version as given is posted on the Pioneer Library website. It’s also significantly shorter!

I’m making the presentation available under a Creative Commons license, with attribution (CC-by). All images from books are courtesy History of Science Collections, University of Oklahoma Libraries.

Some of the links mentioned in the presentation are:

Recommended books to get started with the constellations

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